Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photographer #002: Pieter Hugo

South African photographer Pieter Hugo, 1976, has made Africa his playground. Last year his book Nollywood came out. Pictures of actors and actresses from the third biggest film industry with a 1000 movies. The moviesets are just the surroundings. The movies are fast made and lack big budgets.

The book before Nollywood was The Hyena & other men. Pictures of a group of men that live with hyena's and baboons to earn their living. Strong men with strong animals, but there is a certain sadness to all the strongness and heroism.

Website: www.pieterhugo.com


Valéry Lorenzo said...

For information, there is a beautifull exhibition in Toulouse (France) in the Château d'eau until the 27th of June 2010...
Your blog is a very good idea !

djkwami said...

An interesting take on Pieter Hugo courtesy of Pogus Caesar.