Do you have a suggestion for this list? Are you a photographer and you want to suggest yourself?
Read the quidelines below and feel free to e-mail to

What's important? It is important to include your website address. The body of work of the photographer you want to suggest needs to be visible. Photoblogs are not very usefull because I cannot navigate through portfolio's. I'm not a big fan of Flickr either. Feel free to submit your Flickr site, but I absolutely prefer unique websites. 

Make sure to include the country of origin of the photographer and his/her year of birth as all the photographers are introduced that way.

Due to the massive response and big amount of e-mails you should not expect an answer. So please don't be dissappointed if you do not get an e-mail back. I do check every single website that is submitted, (and want to see yours aswell) but unfortunately I do not have the time to respond to everyone. There is only space for one photographer a day and therefore I will dissapoint a lot of photographers for not including them.

Please do not send large image files or other big attachments!
If your website is under construction, do not e-mail yet, finish your website first!

Curious to see what kind of photography you make or the photographers you think I should not be missing, I await your e-mail. 

Greetings, Pieter Wisse