Monday, April 19, 2010

Photographer #011: Bert Teunissen

Bert Teunissen, 1959, is a Dutch photographer who has been working on the project Domestic Landscapes for the last thirteen years. 
"This project is about light - natural daylight. The photos show how daylight illuminates the domestic interior, and how it dictated the way the interior was build, used and decorated. This specific light and the atmosphere it creates have their origins in the architecture of the pre-electricity era, when daylight was the main source of light. This kind of light started to disappear from European homes after World War II when the old way of building was abandoned. At this moment few of these homes remain."
Teunissen spend ten years documenting the homes in Europe. A large selection came together in his book Domestic Landscapes, A portrait of Europeans at home. Currently he is expanding his archive of homes in the Eastern European countries. He has also documented homes in Japan. His archive grows with other books such as On the Road, A domestic landscapes travelog. For the entire archive, check out his website.



Mohamed Ghuloom said...

I like his work.. Very conservative.. they are inspiring me for a new photo project.

Manolya Isik said...


Mr. Five Zero Zero said...

Hi Mohamed,
I'm glad you got some inspiration out of this!
Greetz, Pieter

Nueve said...

Im fucking love this fucking guy coz his work is fucking awesome.