Friday, April 30, 2010

Photographer #020: Yeondoo Jung

Korean photographer Yeondoo Jung, 1969, creates fantasy worlds by building stages and photographing them. Even though you sence that something is wrong, it takes a little while before you discover the secret. These photographs come from the series Locations.

In the series Wonderland, he has taken childrens' drawings and recreated them with real people and props. The results are impossible worlds of childrens' imagination.



Unknown said...

Very nice - the photos really make you think (as all good photos should). I like them - esp the first two.

Good luck with the 500 - going well so far

All the best
David In Australia

Lomagirl said...

I love the idea of interpreting a child's drawings. Very cool. That's one of the "Wish I'd thought of this" series.