Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photographer #039: Taisuke Koyama

Japanese photographer Taisuke Koyama, 1978, zooms in on the city of Tokyo. With his macro lens he makes photographs of organic abstractions. The images may look like graphic objects at first glance, but when one looks closer you will see overlooked transformations of the city. These photographs come from the series Entropix that he is still working on today, but was also released as a publication in 2008.

Currently he is working on a series called Rainbow Form. He states: "At a glance, these photographs look like graphic design due to its flatness. On the contrary, In reality, this image is composed with more layers; printing dots that compose a image of rainbow, dust of paper, surface condensation, scratch and adheres on the invisible plastic board which exists in the front of the paper, and the shadows on the paper caused by those."

(Video in Japanese)

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