Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photographer #128: Christian Tagliavini

Swiss/Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini, 1971, presented his new series to the world only a few days ago. The series 1503 are nine still characters from a visionary renaissance. They are portrayed in solemn, die-cut costumes. In 2008 he made his the series Dame di Cartone (Cardboard Ladies). Costumes from different era's were made with cardboard and shot with live models. In the proces of making a photograph Christian is not merely the photographer, he is in fact the author, stage- and costume-designer, casting manager and director all at the same time. The following images come from the brand new series 1503, Dame di Cartone and Aspettando Freud (Waiting for Freud).



l'alia-du said...

un blog interesantisimo, un abrazo

agnes szucs said...

this is such a great blog!
thanks for sharing all these great finds a photographers.