Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photographer #138: Paolo Woods

Paolo Woods, 1970, The Netherlands, grew up in Italy and currently works and lives in Paris. He has published various books together with journalist Serge Michel. Paolo concentrates on long-term projects that are news related, but not "hard news." He travels the world, from Afghanistan to Algeria and from China to Nigeria for his in-depth stories. In his series Chinafrica or China Safari he focused on Chinese workers and investers in Africa. These Chinese businessmen go to some of the most dangerous places to set up their business and to make money. The following images come from the stories Walk on my Eyes,  Chinafrica and Oil / A Crude World.


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Spag said...

He's a great photographer and the books he's written with Serge Michel are all fantastic. A Crude World is a must-read, really!