Friday, October 22, 2010

Photographer #145: Ivo Mayr

Ivo Mayr, 1975, is a German photographer that plays with gravity and angles. In 2007 he made an artistic portrait of the city of Koblenz. He took the two most important things, the architecture and the people that live in it and combined the two together. He found the people in the streets and portrayed them detached from the ground, hanging and floating. He named the images Passanten, which means "Passers-Bye". In the series Leichtkraft he played with optical illusions and carefully chose his angles to make it seem that the portrayed are in impossible positions. The following images come from the series Passanten, Stadt Land Flucht and Leichtkraft.



Ernie said...

Very interesting concept. Unfortunately, in some of the photos, the subject's clothes or hair betray the true direction of gravity.

Nonetheless, the photos are very cool.

Unknown said...

Soooo Funny!

Anonymous said...

I think is excellent, the fact the subject has their on gravity is perfect!, it is not a subjet walking on walls, it is the world from a diffeent point of view.