Friday, December 31, 2010

Photographer #195: Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly, 1975, Ireland, lives in Barcelona and works all over the world. He makes sexually charged photographes that are so bright in colour that they resemble candies that might either be sweet or sour. His carreer started as a papparazzo and later as a warzone photographer. Now Tony is all into the fashion photography, although most of the work evolves around nude women. Tony likes to shock a little, but it needs to be a shock with a smile. Humour is one of the key points in Kelly's photography. As a photographer that prefers working on location as to a closed studio it is no wonder he is slightly in love with the plastic, sunny and "cultureless" Los Angeles. The following images come from Toy Story, El Pais Miss World and Hollywood.



lunatiK said...

Reminds me off David La Chapelle.
Great collection you have here.

Polly said...

Reminds me Marcos Lopez too!