Friday, February 18, 2011

Photographer #230: Dan Winters

Dan Winters, 1962, USA, is most known for his celebrity portraiture. An endless amount of politicians, musicians and actors have been photographed by Winters. However he does not limit himself to portraiture. Within his photography he also focuses on objects and documentary work. He also draws and makes videos. His photographs have been published in a vast number of magazines and he has received numerous awards for his work. The subjects he chooses to photograph are diverse, from Texas gangs to honeybees to his very own son. His first monograph was released in 2009 with the title; Periodical Photographs. The following images come from the portfolio People; People of Interest, Friends & Neighbors and Actors.



fragadaleta said...

Wonderful and inspiring!
The way you develop and create imagery is unique and points out that photography is not only art but also a traditional way to express yourself which will never die.

Unknown said...

Humble and inspirational!

Heron237 said...

I liked especially what he said about a certain "sensitivity" rather than a developed "style". I think I'll use that!

paigehermreckphoto said...

This is one of my favorite photographers! He is so humble and kind and his work is BEAUTIFUL!

Such a great public speaker too!

Thank you for choosing him, he is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

look here one photographers: is a young at 13 years, live in Romania! Good bye.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorites! check this in depth interview on what he really thinks