Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photographer #254: Pieter Henket

Pieter Henket, 1979, The Netherlands, works and lives in New York. He is a self-taught portrait photographer who in recent years has photographed various celebrities. In 1999 he left for New York to study at the Film Academy but soon fell in love with the photographic medium. At a young age he managed to get an internship with the film director Joel Schumacher. The influence of cinema is easily noticed in his images. The Interrogation Project is a series in which he asked directors, actors and musicians how they would react to a police interrogation. He might be most known for the cover of Lady Gaga's first album The Fame. The following images come from the Interrogation Project and his portfolios Images and Portraits.



Anonymous said...

Boring photographer

Ben Moll said...

I honestly don't think that this photographer is in any way boring.

jvant said...

he is great and inspiring to me