Monday, March 28, 2011

Photographer #256: Txema Salvans

Txema Salvans, Spain, 1971, is a documentary photographer with a special interest in how we humans spend our free time. He enjoys the positive interaction he has with his subjects making it possible for him to get a look at the physical and mental spaces of leisure where everyone is looking for happiness. His series Spanish Hits (De Carretera) is a journey through the Mediterranean coast stopping at the places where entire families enjoy their leisures on a small beach between the sea and concrete. In his series Spanish Roads he focused on the suppliers of leisure. On the outskirts of the city he photographed prostitutes and other suppliers of services by the road in unhabitable spaces that are nonetheless lived in. The following images come from the series Spanish Roads, Spanish Hits and Welcome Aboard.


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DanDale said...

Colour photos are very 'Martin Parr'
The prostitue ones are a nice collection as well!