Friday, April 8, 2011

Photographer #265: Mikhael Subotzky

Mikhael Subotzky, 1981, South Africa, works and lives in Johannesburg and is an associate member of Magnum Photos. Mikhael has concentrated on prison life in various projects. In 2008 he released the book Beaufort West, about a small town with a prison in the middle. The prison is situated at the center of a traffic circle. Due to the prison he started to explore this transit town and its margins. Beaufort West was shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. His latest project Ponte City, together with Patrick Waterhouse, is a work of art. He photographed each window, door and TV set of the fifty-four storey building in Johannesburg that has had an eventful history. All of these images have been put together in three massive light-boxes of nearly four meters tall, having similar proportions to the Ponte City buildings. The following images come from the series Umjiegwana, Beaufort West and Die Vier Hoeke.


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