Monday, May 2, 2011

Photographer #281: Zhou Mi

Zhou Mi, 1962, China, works and lives as a freelance photographer in San Francisco since 2004. He started out as a civil engineer in China for 13 years before receiving an M.A. in Communication Arts at the New York Institute of Technology. Between 1997 and 2004 he was an art director in New York but left for San Francisco to become a photographer. Since then he has done a large number of projects that have taken him to various places. His homeland China, Cuba, India and Turkey are amongst the places he has traveled for his photography. His series The Earth is a collaboration with fashion designer Ma Ke. It is an impressive mix of fashion, documentary, portrait and landscape photography creating very clear, high contrast b/w photographs. Zhou works with homeless people, photographs lost or discarded items on the beach and focuses on street photography. The following images come from the series The Earth, Lost & Found and Portraits.



Matthew Bamberg said...

Interesting photography. Great technical skills.

Wouldn't mind being added to the 500.

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Tilly said...

these pictures are so intense, unbelievable. i love the fact that the photographer kept it simple in black & white and concentrated on details and it´s simplicity.