Monday, May 30, 2011

Photographer #301: Katy Grannan

Katy Grannan, 1969, USA, is a conceptual portrait photographer who lives and works in California. She received a BA at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and an MFA at Yale University in 1999. In her latest series Boulevard she portrayed people at the sidewalks of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco and on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. With light walls as a backdrop she photographed the inhabitants and passersby in the strong Californian sun. In 2005 she released her monograph Model American which includes portraits of people inside living rooms and bedrooms, but also outside in the woods, by a lake and by rural roads. The people are often in awkward positions creating a mysterious narrative. Katy has exhibited her work extensively throughout the US and several places in Europe. Her images have been published in numerous magazines and exhibition catalogues. The following images come from the series Boulevard, The Westerns and Mystic Lake.

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