Friday, June 17, 2011

Photographer #315: Marcus Hausser

Marcus Hausser, 1975, Brazil, is a commercial photographer with a long list of clients for whom he has shot campaigns. His career started by assisting renowned advertising photographers in Brazil. In 2002 he launched himself as a freelance photographer, opening a large studio in São Paulo. Amongst his clients are large names as Fiat, Harley Davidson, Sky, Unicef and Fedex. He has been published in editions of the Lürzers Archive 200 best ad photographers worldwide 2008/2009 with four works. His ads range from including a lot of humour to very serious matters. The following images come from the campaigns for ADESF, Abramet and Amnesty International Argentina.



Martin Faltejsek said...

wow! great story!

Unknown said...

Este fotógrafo será mi exposición.

Maria angelica duran Morales