Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photographer #342: Bryan Schutmaat

Bryan Schutmaat, 1983, USA, is a documentary photographer who received a BA in History at the University of Houston in 2009. In 2012 he anticipates to earn his MFA in Photography at the University of Hartford. He focuses mainly on portraying rural America, its identity and the inhabitants of the small towns in a poetic fashion. In his series Western Frieze, Bryan did so in the American West, looking at landscapes and interiors in sleepy towns and lonely environments. The US roadside culture plays a major role in the series in which no humans appear, yet we sence their presence. He states that his images are not meant to be a pure documentation, but rather a portrait of what American identity means to him. His latest series Grays the Mountain Sends is a combination of portraits and landscapes taken in small mountain towns and mining communities in the American West. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the world. The following works come from the series Grays the Mountain Sends, Western Frieze and Heartland.

Website: www.bryanschutmaat.com

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Benjamin Cuevas said...

I am following this blog almost everyday since a long time now. Thanks to you I discovered so many photographers, visions, styles and great talents. Really thank you to share this with us.