Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photographer #369: John Chervinsky

John Chervinsky, 1961 - 2015, USA, is a self-taught photographer and an engineer working in the field of applied physics. The photographs of his series An Experiment in Perspective are a combination of chalk markings and real objects. Together they create open-ended images that appear to be science demonstrations or physics experiments. The images are not scientifically factual but are reflective of the ongoing philosophical debates and raise questions that have no easy answers. His series Studio Physics is an investigation into the nature of time, light, space and gravity. He composes a still life from which he crops one part of the image that gets send to a painting factory in China. Once the oil painting of the cropped section made by an anonymous artist returns he reinserts the painting into the original setup and photographs it again. John has exhibited his work across the USA. The following images come from the series An Experiment in Perspective, Studio Physics and Landscapes and Portraits.
Update: With sadness we have to report that John Chervinsky has passed away in December 2015.



J said...

I love seeing the new work on here John. It is really amazing!

Kathy Moraca Ligammari said...

Stunning. Nice work John!

Monica said...