Friday, October 7, 2011

Photographer #395: Henrik Isaksson Garnell

Henrik Isaksson Garnell, 1987, Sweden, is a young, unconventional and experimental photographer. For his series Un-plugged 2.0 he worked as a sculptor. He combined items we can find in nature with technology. Bones, moose teeth, plants and other organic objects are put together with wires, lights and other man-made objects. Once the new life forms were finished he photographed the creatures using a large-format camera against a black background. The aesthetic images are haunting and resemble creatures formed by a scientist who might not be from this planet. Henrik uses various forms of sculpture-making aswell as a large array of techniques in photography. In recent years he has exhibited his work at various venues in Stockholm, but also in several other European cities. The following images come from the series Un-plugged 2.0, Ápsis and Fetus.


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