Friday, October 14, 2011

Photographer #400: Moises Saman

Moises Saman, Spain, 1974, Spain, is a very productive photojournalist based in New York City. He studied Communications and Sociology at California State University. Between 2000 and 2007 he worked as a staff photographer at the New York Newsday before going freelance in late 2007. For his photographic work he has traveled to countries as Pakistan, Nepal, Cuba, Lebanon and El Salvador to name a few. In his extensive portfolio we find stories that cover the earthquake aftermath in Haiti, Afghan boys who enter Europe fleeing from poverty and violence in their home-country, problems with drug cartels in Peru, the conflict in Congo that has cost the lifes of millions as well as multiple stories in Iraq focusing on an intense drought, the war and the complexities of the conflict by looking at the three major cities. He also concentrated on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Mara Salvatrucha gang in El Salvador. He released the books Afghanistan: Broken Promise (2007) and This is War (2004) as well as providing the images for the book Howard Zinn: Just War. In 2010 he became a Magnum Photos nominee. The following images come from the series Rivers of Coca, Peru 2009, The Lost Boys of Afghanistan. Greece 2009 and La Vida por las Maras 2007.



Anonymous said...

These are some really graphic and fantastic photos. Saman sounds like he has done some extensive travelling and covered some really inspiring subjects.

Smareis said...

Quantas fotos espetacular e bonitas você tem aqui. Adorei as imagens. Parabéns!Passei pra conhecer seu blog, e gostei muito e já estou te seguindo... Convido pra conhecer meu blog e me seguir se gostares. Um abraço!

Susl said...

wow wow wow!

Anonymous said...

So great images!