Monday, April 5, 2010

Photographer #001: Todd Hido

Todd Hido, 1968, is an American photographer. He is well known for his night photography of houses. Although they have a spooky and lonely feel to them, there is a sense of looking into the lifes of someone. The photographs have a link with Gregory Crewdson's photography, but then without the props, actors and insanely expensive lighting.

Apart from the photographs of houses and interiors, he masters portraiture as well. To see his portraits make sure to visit his website.



Anonymous said...

Great idea with this blog! And nice photos by Todd Hido - the one at the bottom right is marvelous. I'm looking forward to see who else you will feature on your blog.


Mr. Five Zero Zero said...

To see who's next just keep coming back once a day! I'm glad you like the blog! Thanks for following!

Greetings, Pieter

dpdl said...

this is an awesome blog. found via twitter. twitter rocks !

Mr. Five Zero Zero said...

@dpdl Well keep spreading the word, through twitter or however you please! Cheers, and cool you like it!

Nina Krimly said...

What an amazing roundup you have here! Most of these photographers are people I look up to when I take photos and I realized that it's not very easy to have your own style!

Thanks a bunch for sharing :D

Sandra said...

Love Todd Hido's work! Thank you for posting the video and photos. Sandy Dyas -

The Sentimental Bloke said...

Have recently found your site but it has taken me a while to absorb what you have put together. Great work.
Congratulations. I think Todd Hido's photography is really edgy

Unknown said...

Thank you Pieter, for this great blog, there are so many photographers that I am not familiar with. I'm going down the list enjoying
looking at all the work! I love that you also included the links to each photographers website.