Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photographer #272: Veejay Villafranca

Vicente Jaime Villafranca, 1982, better known as Veejay, is a photojournalist from the Republic of the Philippines. His work focuses primarily on youth culture and its progression and/or regression, on Filipino faith practices and fanaticism and on the concept of reserved space for ethnic tribes. With his story Marked he became the first Asian to receive the Ian Parry Scholarship grant in 2008. Marked tells the story of gang members in Manila who made a living with drugs, pickpocketing and theft. He follows the members in their attempt to find a life outside of crime, violence and drugs that have become a part of life in Baseco, one of the biggest slums in Manila. His work has been exhibited in various places in Europe and Asia. Veejay is represented by Getty Global Assignments. The following images come from the stories Marked, A Race Divided and Creatures of Habit.

Website: www.veejayvillafranca.com


The photographer said...

Hi, your blog is wonderful, but I think you should make the pictures larger, in the layout :) I think we all like to view images large, especially when it comes to quality photography

Mr. Five Zero Zero said...

Hi Catface,
I understand. That's why I believe you should always visit the website of the photographers posted on 500 to see the full projects in a larger size.
Greetz, Pieter

Kai said...

great work!

Danny St said...

I'm stoked to see a fellow Filipino in this list! :)

Edgar Espinoza said...

Great selection! Veejay is a wonderful photographer, very humble and hard worker. I'm sure that his work will receive more recognition in the years to come. I had the opportunity to interview him and was a wonderful experience.