Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photographer #273: Andrea Olivo

Andrea Olivo, 1980, South Africa, has been living and working in the fashion capital Milan since 2003. He started out assisting photographers in the fashion scene which took him all around the world carrying equipment and people's underwear. Two years ago he started on his own and got signed to Aura Photo Agency. He began working for various magazines as Italian Cosmopolitan and Gioia and got featured in C-Heads magazine amongst others. Andrea tries to place obscure references to movies, comics, music or poetry in his imagery. In 2009 he also started photographing girls on his couch who stopped by his place for go sees. These images are combined in his weblog Andy Olives Casting Couch. He describes his photography as "tongue-in-cheek, never taking itself too seriously but always trying to create a beautiful image." The following images come from various fashion shoots and from his personal portfolio Girls Girls Girls.


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