Friday, August 26, 2011

Photographer #365: Ana Casas Broda

Ana Casas Broda, 1965, Spain, has been living in Mexico since she was eight years old. Her long-term projects are intense and personal. Her latest body of work is Kinderwunsch, a complex and personal set of images dealing with maternity. She spent five years submitting herself to fertility treatments before she got her first son. When she entered the same process a second time she decided to capture the entire process, the treatments, the pregnancy, birth, bodily contact, affection, feeding and other aspects of the experience. As the project progressed, it has become more complex. With her sons she carries out actions that derive from the childrens minds or from her fantasies. In 2000 she released the book Album, a photographic project that is built on the relationship between her grandmother and herself. It includes images from her childhood to photographs of the last years of her grandmother. The book deals with themes as memory, cultural and personal inheritance as a way to explore identity. The following images come from the series Kinderwunsch, Diet Journals and Album.


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