Monday, August 29, 2011

Photographer #366: Corinne Rozotte

Corinne Rozotte, 1969, France, is a sociologist and experimental / engaged photographer who works and lives in Paris. Her personal work revolves around the themes of confinement, industrialisation, ageing and environment. She created poetic bodies of work dealing with Alzheimers disease and the subject of obesity. In these projects she combines photography with texts. In Eyes Bigger Than Stomach the french texts clearly take the viewer into a world seen from an obese persons point of view. In her series Contre-Nature she combined a kind of human micro-society with a micro-society of animals. The double exposed images show pigs and hens in their usual environment, being an industrialized setting for a quick and cheap way to feed people. She then photographed the northern suburbs of Paris, an area filled with low income housing blocks and a population pushed into the background of our society. The two images combined create a new reality, making a clear symbolic statement on todays inhumane situation of both human and animal conditions. The following images come from the series Des Yeux Plus Grands que le Ventre (Eyes Bigger Than Stomach), Contre-Nature and Fractures of the Visible.


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