This page is meant for anyone who thinks they could use the services of Pieter Wisse; founder and sole-creator of the 500 photographers website.

I am available for a large array of things. Examples of services are listed below, however do not hesitate to contact me for something else. I am an eager and hard-working person who's always on the look-out for a new adventure.

  • Creating / curating projections and/or exhibitions
  • Reviewing portfolios of photographers of all levels
  • Masterclasses with groups of students to create more valuable and deeper work, finding their personal voice
  • Lectures on photography and creativity
  • Writing for magazines / books
  • Book / Magazine (guest) editing
  • Jurying / judging photography contests
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Friendly greetings, Pieter

Words by Oscar Colorado Nates, Chief of the Photography Department at the Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City.

To whom it may concern,

We received Pieter Wisse at Universidad Panamericana for our annual photographic festival from november 1st to 8th, 2013.

During this time Mr. Wisse created a Workshop for advanced studios where he established a theme, read the students portfolio and advised them to create a 3-5 photographs series. 
He was the main lecturer for our PhotoWeek in our main auditorium (600 chairs capacity) and also gave four lectures to first semester students. In all the events that Mr. Wisse participated we received more faculty members and students than we originally expected. Our Photo Festival was a big success thanks to the work and commitment of Mr. Wisse.

Pieter Wisse was always in touch with the needs of both our University and our students. He was extremely positive with them and also he was always helpful. Mr. Wisse provided a great insight in the photographic process in the new millenium. 

We found that Mr. Wisse was always taking an effort to give 'the extra mile' all the time by being very interested in our academic needs. A big plus is that he is proficient in English which allowed him to communicate efficiently with both our faculty members and our students. 

Mr. Wisse perfectly understood our academic needs and created a program that perfectly suited our photographic program. His insights were extremely valuable for our students. His 500 Photographers Project provided him with great expertise in contemporary photography that was a must for our Photographic Week. Mr. Wisse had the expertise to provide excellent feedback and orientation to our advanced students in order to continue their photographic careers taking advantages of their strengths and founding ways to improve their areas of opportunity.              

Profr.  ├ôscar Colorado
Chief of the Photography Department
Director, FotoUP

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