Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photographer #049: Andrew Hetherington

Irish photographer Andrew Hetherington, 1969, photographs nearly everything. When he is on a trip you can follow him with pictures on his blog. This leads to archives of images that become an important body of work. For four years he had been taking pictures of the hotels he visited and of the views from his window, consistent, therefore also if there was nothing more than a wall. Due to the consistency in his work it is a true archive. These pictures were published in the book A Room with a View.

Andrew also concentrates on various stories. The following images come from East Bay Rats, a motorcycle club that also boxes, and Tall Paul, the tallest college basketball player ever.



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Kristin Aafl√ły Opdan said...

Hi! Great to read about Hetherington's hotel project. I've done exactly the same for the last year, travelling with a touring theatre company in Norway. But in my hotel pictures I always used a model. Take a look at: