Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photographer #053: Tony Fouhse

Tony Fouhse, Canada, 1954, might be an editorial and commercial photographer, it's his personal work that is getting international attention. Since 2007 Fouhse has focused on drug addicts in his hometown Ottawa. In 2007 he made the series USER night, in 2008 USER Women and in 2009 USER Men. Even though the portrayed are evidently addicts, the portraits show people with strength and a drive for survival. Below are shot from User Men and USER Night.

On various trips Fouhse photographs what he sees. This results in series such as Christmas in the Delta.


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Unknown said...

Hi There

I came across your blog and was hooked, what a brilliant idea! I watched the video in this post and found it terribly moving - projects such as this a re desperately important, it is too easy for us to completely disenfranchise whole sections of society and yet every single person has the right to a dignity and we are all of us only trying to find our way through it all!