Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photographer #063: Jill Greenberg

Jill Greenberg, Canada, 1967, lives and works in the USA. She is also known as the "manipulator" because she digitally manipulates her photographs. Her body of work is vast, containing personal projects, commissioned work and a large number of portraits. An example of a project is End Times, a series of pictures in which toddlers cry. Simple and pure emotion. She has also photographed various animals, such as bears and monkeys and then manipulated the images. The following images come from the series End Times, Monkey Portraits and some examples of her human portraits.



Anonymous said...

great choice in photographers. Jill kills so hard. Love her work her lighting is crazy

JoshG400 said...

Personally I think featuring Jill Greenberg was kind of a cop-out. She's talented for sure, but who hasn't heard of her? I also thinks she's almost a one trick pony, her lighting is beautiful but a little played out.

There's plenty of lesser known/newer photographers doing more interesting work you could have shown.

But on the same note I mean no disrespect to Jill, she's a talented artist who has definitely earned her success.