Friday, July 23, 2010

Photographer #080: Kimiko Yoshida

Kimiko Yoshida, Japan, 1963, has build an impressive body of work that consists of self-portraits. The oppression she felt in her homeland made her leave Japan. About her work and Japan she says the following: "Since I fled my homeland to escape the mortifying servitude and humiliating fate of Japanese women, I amplified, through my art, a feminist stance of protest against contemporary cliches of seduction, against voluntary servitude of women, against "identity" defined by appurtenances and "communities", against the stereotypes of "gender" and the determinism of heredity."
The following images come from the series Paintings Self-Portraits 2010, Blown Glass Symbols 2009 and Self-Portraits 2006-2009.



TPS Photos said...

I admire and appreciate her words, but don't really like these images. Are there any more to look at?

Mr. Five Zero Zero said...

Sure, just go to her website, there is a link just below her images.