Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photographer #104: Bernd Preiml

Bernd Preiml, Austria, 1973, makes photographs that look like dark and sinister fairy tales. His images contain both magic and mystery, they are haunting like a beautiful nightmare. He uses this in his own projects aswell as in fashion and editorial shoots. His style roots from growing up in the mountanous region outside of Vienna where folk tales were told about ancient creatures who inhabit the forests. Next to photography Preiml is also working with video. See a video by Bernd below. The following photographs come from " even has a Giant in it!", Sisters and Below.



perou said...

bernd's work is stunning.

Rut Salazar said...

I didn't know the work of Bernd Preiml it's very interesting
thanks a lot to share this =D

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing