Friday, September 3, 2010

Photographer #110: Guido Mocafico

Guido Mocafico, Switzerland, 1962, is a still-life photographer, even though he might use subjects that are alive. He is well known for his colorfull and stunning series called Serpents. Due to the confinement of the snakes they curl up and create twisted shapes. This series, as many others, was also released as a book. In the series Movement, he photographed the machinery behind clockwork. Again the background is kept black, making the watches come out as large marvels of technology. The following images come from the series Serpents, Movement and Nature Morte.



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sebi_2569 said...

superb; bravo

Ernie said...

This guy is unbelievable. His work is pure majic. Wish I could afford some of his work for my house.