Monday, September 13, 2010

Photographer #116: Erika Larsen

Erika Larsen, USA, 1976, has worked on a project creating photographs and a film of Sami reindeer herders living in the scandinavian arctic. The Sami have adapted to the extremes of the environment for centuries and are the only one's who can own and sell wildlife in Scandinavia. The theme of wildlife and the relationship with humans, the beauty and brutality of the hunt is a theme Erika has extensively researched. In her series The Hunt and Young Blood she has photographed hunters and child hunters in North America. The following images come from Sami, Young Blood and The Hunt.



Gina Reuscher said...

one of my favorite photographer videos/interview - i saw her photos in a different way after hearing what she sees

Raul Bonatiu said...

such an inspirational blog! <3