Friday, September 24, 2010

Photographer #125: Marcos López

Marcos López, 1958, is a photographer from Argentina. López is an expert is large, staged photographs. His images are bright in color and very narrative. He has been working on a long-term series called Sub Realismo Criollo. The pictures are iconic aswell as humorous and symbolise and critisize the Argentinian society. Marcos is a self-taught photographer who won several awards and has exhibited around the world. The first two rows of images come from Sub Realismo Criollo and the last two rows are from the series Pop Latino.

(Video in Spanish)


Anonymous said...

Impressive indeed.

daily athens

Ernie said...

Having lived in Buenos Aires for two years, I love the detail this artist included in his version of the last supper. Amazing.

Vence said...

Vous pouvez trouver un article sur l'exposition Tierra en transe de Marcos Lopez à la galerie Mor Charpentier, Paris sur

Vence said...

You can find an article on the exhibition Tierra en transe of Marcos Lopez at the gallery Mor Charpentier,Paris on