Friday, January 21, 2011

Photographer #210: Jason Nocito

Jason Nocito, 1973, USA, is a rock, lifestyle and fashion photographer. At a young age he started taking pictures of bands and his friends hanging out at concerts. He studied photography at the Parsons School of Design and graduated in 1996. Nowadays Jason shoots campaigns for big clients as Apple, Nike and MTV. He has seen various celebrities and musicians in front of his camera as Emile Hirsch and Mary Kate Olsen. His photography is full of vibrance, youth and a sense of freedom. The following images come from I Heart Transylvania, the campaign Skins and various other portfolio's.



Anonymous said...

So great =)

junjii said...

this is my foto.

can you say anything like this? (not‘about ‘this )

Bruno Batista de Freitas said...

ual , so so so good
muito bom , nossa simplesmente o melhor , trabalhar dessa maneira é sem duvida fantástico