Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photographer #213: Osama Esid

Osama Esid, 1970, Syria, lives in Minneapolis, USA. He hand colors his black and white prints. His work is often about "Orientalism" and the social preconceptions and stereotypes that have been created in the past and still exist today. For his series Cairo Street Workers, he created a studio in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. By doing this, he gave the impression of being a mobile businessman, just like the other people in the street. This gave him the opportunity to photograph the working men. Due to the backdrop of fake palmtrees they step out of reality, but their clothes, expressions and gear tell the true stories of these men. The following images come from the series Cairo Street Workers, Orientalism and Stereotypes and Marie.


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Mirjam said...

Hi Pieter, did you know the Cairo Street Workers series is being exhibited in Amsterdam, Tropenmuseum?