Friday, February 4, 2011

Photographer #220: Sandro

Sandro Miller, 1958, USA, professionally better known as Sandro, has been a photographer for over thirty years and excels in various forms of photography. He makes ad campaigns for major brands and editorial work for well known magazines, but at the same time focuses on his personal projects. Amongst the various photography books Sandro released over the past 13 years are American Bikers, Imagine Cuba and El Matador. In 2001 he was asked by the Cuban government to document their athletes. It was the first US/Cuban collaboration since the trade embargo was imposed in 1960. His series Malkovich Sessions is a collection of portraits of John Malkovich taken throughout the last eleven years. The following images come from the portfolio's Malkovich SessionsCuban Portraits and Nudes.


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He is such a talented and prolific photographer