Friday, February 25, 2011

Photographer #235: Miwa Yanagi

Miwa Yanagi, 1967, Japan, got recognized in 1994 with her series Elevator Girl which showed groups of uniformed girls in large and sterile interiors. Her photography is often theatrical and manipulated. Her latest series; Windswept Women shows gigantic women of different ages in warrior postures. The final prints are also immense. In My Grandmothers she asked young women to imagine their lives 50 years in the future. She then went on to photograph the women with the use of make-up and other attributes. In Fairy Tale she restaged scenes from fairy tales as Snow White and Cinderella. Her work is mostly about women in combination with the Japanese culture. The following images come from the series Windswept Women, My Grandmothers and Fairy Tale.


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