Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photographer #238: Angelo Musco

Angelo Musco, 1973, Italy, makes larger than life photographs that consist of an uncountable number of bodies. As the photographs are made up of numerous images they are very sharp and invite the viewer to go on a quest of discovery. In his series Tehom, which in Hebrew means; the deep, and in Greek means Abyss, he created an unseen and mysterious underwater world in which he plays with reality. One of the photographs is called Hadal after the Hadopelagic Zone meaning the deepest trenches of the ocean. In reality this zone is found at 6000 meters depth, but there is still life in these harsh regions. As the people in his image, the life at this depth lack any pigmentation as coloration is useless in an environment with no light. His website shows details images of his work. The following works are Tehom, Tehom: Hadal and Aranea.



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