Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photographer #248: Percy Dean

Percy Dean, 1973, Great-Britain, started photographing at a young age around his love of skateboarding. In 1997 he founded Document Magazine, an internationally renowned skateboard / lifestyle magazine and held the position of editor and senior photographer for over a decade. In 2009 he was commissioned to shoot the 1966 Photo-Book for Vans footwear. Amongst his clients are various skateboarding brands and magazines. In 2008 he completed an MA in photojournalism and documentary photography. His series Clouds of Glory is about an Orthodox Jewish community on the outskirts of Manchester, documenting a society he had no prior knowledge of, wanting to show the struggle to maintain their culture within the wider community. Percy's photography style is very direct and without pretence. The following images come from the portfolio's Vans 1966 Photo-Book, People and Clouds of Glory.


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Beautiful slideshow.