Friday, March 25, 2011

Photographer #255: Anastasia Cazabon

Anastasia Cazabon, 1983, USA, is a conceptual photographer from Cambridge, MA. Her photography is raw, very personal and poetic. In her series From the Secret World she focused on her own childhood, especially the transitional period between the ages 9 to 15, the period when girls become aware of the world around them and how they are portrayed which brings along insecurities, excitement, jealousy and narcissism. The produced images by Anastasia revolve around the secret yet everyday lives of adolescent girls. The series Stories grew out of her fascination with fairy tales and children's folklore. The photographs are her contemporary take on the stories that have influenced her portraying characters in a state of emotional immobilization or a moment of self-discovery. The following images come from the series From the Secret World; I. Love & Rivalry and II. Transitions and Stories.


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