Friday, April 1, 2011

Photographer #260: Elise Boularan

Elise Boularan, 1984, France, works with polaroids to create her dreamy and sometimes estranged images. Her work is based on a particular perception of photography of which elliptic narration, silence and quietness are key-words in her research. She strives to retrieve something muted and undefinable in her work. Her photographs are both sharp and blurred and contains the saturated colours and haze of the polaroids. In recent years Elise has been published in numerous magazines world wide and exhibited her work mainly in France but also in various European countries and the US.The following images come from the series FEmâle, Lapsus Prompta and her portfolio Portrait / Musique.



Michael Rowland said...

a glimpse into her world, wonderful,,,M

Emily Coles said...

Beautifully composed, love the bottom left one.

Jesa said...

wow Beautiful photography and beautiful blog concept!!

x, Jesa