Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photographer #263: Denis Dailleux

Denis Dailleux, 1958, France, is a documentary portrait photographer who lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. Due to his passion for Egypt, he has released several books on this country. In 2008 he released Fils de Roi, Portraits d'Égypte which contains a series of low-key photographs taken over the course of fifteen years. He does portraiture out of an honest passion for people, with respect for his subjects. Ghana is his latest project, which he discovered after seeing the book Paul Strand dedicated to this African country. By meeting the people he tries to go beyond appearances to give a personal and magnified vision. Denis has travelled to various countries to make his images, from Uzbekistan to Sudan and from Laos to Yemen. Dailleux's photographs are delicate and poetic. The following images come from the series Ghana, Fils de Roi, Portraits d'Égypte and My Aunt Juliette.

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