Friday, April 29, 2011

Photographer #280: Sylwana Zybura

Sylwana Zybura, 1979, Poland, is better known in the photographic community as Madame Peripetie. She works and lives in Germany. She received a B.A. in photography and an M.A. in applied linguistics. She was recently published in the book Geschossen+Gedruckt due to winning the Druckerei Seltmann Werbefotopreis. She won the prestigious advertisement photography prize in the category People / Emotion with images of her Dream Sequence series. Sylwana's images are surreal, fantastical and often bizarre and imaginative. Her fairy tale photographs are sometimes dark and moody, but others are bright in color and humerous. It is a mix of fashion photography and sculpture, using various fabrics and objects to achieve her end results. She is influenced by surrealism, dadaism, the new wave era of the 80's, the British post punk scene and the avantgarde theater of Robert Wilson. The following images come from the series Dream Sequence, Pugh-Atory and Warriors in the Dark.


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Dave said...

Great pics. Ill defo be following this blog.