Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photographer #282: Justin Maxon

Justin Maxon, 1983, USA, is a documentary photographer who focuses on long-term projects that examine the complexities of human struggle. In his ongoing project Streets is Raw he concentrates on the highly impoverished Tenderloin district in San Francisco where he photographs and documents the various issues, drug addiction, mental health issues and the threat of disease and death, that the people are facing in this region. His project Children of Agent Orange focuses on the second and third generation of people in Vietnam that are affected by the Agent Orange poisoning. The chemicals sprayed by the US on Vietnam during the war have tremedous effects on young Vietnamese people today. Mui and Pha is a story of a mother and her young son living homeless in the streets of Hanoi. Justin has received numerous awards as the first prize in the 2007 World Press Photo Daily Life singles category and he was named one of the PDN's 30 emerging photographers to watch. The following images come from the projects Streets is Raw, Children of Agent Orange and Mui and Pha.

Website: www.justinmaxon.com

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Dave said...

These blades look awesome and very sharp.