Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photographer #284: Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley, 1975, USA, is a landscape photographer and video artist especially known for his night photography. In 2000 he received an M.F.A. at The School of Visual Arts in New York. He often uses man made light sources creating unusual and strong effects. He has followed film crews at night (series: Night for Night) or the tourist boats with powerful floodlights in Paris (series: Bateaux Mouches) "borrowing" their light to create images of urban landscapes. In his project Nachtfluge Kevin made long exposure photographs of airplanes taking of or landing creating bizarre stripes and dots in the sky. In Lights Edge he used light flares in remote snowy areas to make fantastical and serene images. The snowy landscapes return in his latest series Refuge using various different light sources. Cooley has exhibited his work throughout the USA and several cities in Europe. The following images come from the series Refuge, Lights Edge and Nachtfluge.



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I just luv your pictures.

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si, yo lo habĂ­a visto, y me encanta