Monday, May 9, 2011

Photographer #286: Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont, 1967, Australia, is a photojournalist and portrait photographer who focuses on fragile cultures and marginalized people. He has released several monographs amongst which are also three handmade limited edition books. His exhibition Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993-2009 is a fifteen year retrospective on all of his journeys to Afghanistan. It shows the various stages the country has gone through, the resilience of the Afghan people and the growth of the photographer himself. Stephen puts a lot of respect into his photography, showing the human dignity of his subjects. Raskols is a series of portraits shot in 2004 which shows a gang member community, better known as the Raskols of Papua New Guinea. Dupont does not limit himself, he uses polaroid, medium format and 35mm camera's. The following images come from the series Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993-2009, Axe Me Biggie, or MR Take my Picture and Raskols.


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Mimi Mollica said...

Sorry for you Stephen, it must have been a real shock!! And you are indeed very lucky!
One question: What happened to your friend Paul?