Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photographer #292: Gonzalo Bénard

Gonzalo Bénard, 1969, Portugal, started his career writing, painting and drawing, but when this was no longer fulfilling to him as a creator, he started with photography. He feels the need to express through his art and create a dialogue on the "oneness" of humans, gender, ritual, sexuality and life. Most of his photography is black and white and contains nude bodies creating a scene of light without distracting colours or clothing. He often uses his own body in his photography. However they are not self-portraits but representations of concepts. He uses the methods of acting to portray inner worries, wonders and his own inner worlds. His work is conceptual and sometimes provocative or ironic. Gonzalo lives and works in Spain. The following images come from the series Oneness 10, Oneness 08 and Photo-Graphic & Metamorphosis.

Website: www.gbenard.com

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