Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photographer #303: Sabine Delcour

Sabine Delcour, 1968, France, is a landscape photographer working and living in Paris. With a large-scale camera she makes very clear and sharp photographs. In her series Thoroughfares she photographs marginal areas where nature has to make compromises, places where the landscape can be seen as a story of "human nature". In 2006 she realeased the book Autour de Nous (Around Us), a project that came to life while she was in Japan. She photographed unfinished houses and interviewed the local people creating a soundtrack to her work. The stories and destinies of these people combined with the images of houses under construction create a link and a relationship. The following images come from the series Itsas LurrakThoroughfares and Arounds Us.


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Valéry Lorenzo said...

Beautiful work that deserves to be seen (en vrai).
And a very kind person...