Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photographer #317: Matt Eich

Matt Eich, 1986, USA, is a young documentary photographer based in Virginia and one of the founding members of Luceo Images. He is currently working on a series in Baptist Town where he started to document the "black" neighbourhood and is planning to do the same in the "white" region. His goal with this series is to remind people that even though civil rights are taught in history classes around the US, the legacies of racism continue to impact the people economically and culturally. In his series Carry Me Ohio, Matt documents the poor communities in Southeast Ohio, a region that once thrived on its mining industry, and how they attempt to recover economically. In recent years Matt has been in numerous group exhibitions and several solo exhibitions. The following images come from the series Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town, An Altered State of Being and Carry Me Ohio.

Website: www.matteichphoto.com


Anonymous said...

He studied in the visual communication school at Ohio University.

chenrique said...

inexpressive work.